Another Qajar-era treasure

The eastern has a tiled altar flanked by 12 columns and colorful windows.
"In fall and winter when sunlight shines through the glass, it casts the bedchamber in a beautiful light," says Ganji.
"I've seen stained glass work in many architectural buildings, but this is exceptional. From dawn, the mosque is filled with color and light, dappling the Persian rugs, the ceiling and wall tiles with patterns and colors.
"I'm amazed at how the architect was able to combine so many things to build such an exquisite mosque.
"I visited on a winter morning and waited for the light that moves gently from left to right to fall exactly in the center so my photo could be completely symmetrical."

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Goade-e-Araban Place, Shiraz Iran

12/19/2017 | Blog Code: 4029

this mosque has eastern and western bedchambers.
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