IRAN Highlight Tour
2.5 Day Tehran | 2 Day Kashan | 3.5 Day Isfahan | 2.5 Day Shiraz

IRAN Highlight Tour
IRAN Highlight Tour
10 days from Apr 07, 2019 Road Trip

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9 nights of accommodation in standard grade hotels

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Code 4068

IRAN Highlight Tour

2.5 Day Tehran 2 Day Kashan 3.5 Day Isfahan 2.5 Day Shiraz
9 nights of accommodation in standard grade hotels
Group Trip 10 Day and 9 Night Road Trip
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Visit Iran
Tour Operator Parvaz Noghrei Travel Agency

Standard Grade

Number of Meals:
25 meals for ten days
Begining City:
Tehran ، Tehran Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
Need a few days off:
You need 10 free days for this trip.
Start Time:
Noon ( Our guide is waiting to greet and transfer you to the hotel check in. )
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Tourist Vehicle
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Travel Programs IRAN Highlight Tour

First day : Check in, Our guide is waiting to greet and transfer you to the hotel check in.

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
Second day : Golestan Complex (Marble Throne, Karimkhani Nook, Nasserdin shah tombstone, Salam salon & Wind catcher salon) a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE (Two Palaces) Literally the name means the Roseland Palace, is the former royal Qajar complex. The oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran , National garden Gate, Mashgh Square, National museum, ( Lunch) ,30 tir Street, Enghelab Street, Nature bridge,(dinner/ Persian dinner and life style)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us
Third day : Sa’adabad Complex (white house& green palace), Tajrish Bazaar, Darband (Lunch) Heading to Kashan ,Hoz Soltan Lake, Hotel check in,(dinner)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
The fourth day : Fin garden (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE) which was first planted during the Safavid period and kept alive with water from the nearby Sulaimanieh Spring. This beautiful garden was expanded by the Zand and Qajar monarchs, with many open pavilions added, Tabatabae traditional House, Kashan Bazaar, (Lunch/Manouchehri traditional house), Heding to Isfahan, Hotel check in (dinner)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
Fifth day : Zayandeh river bridges (33 bridge& khajoo) Sofhe Mountain (lunch/Zagros) , Aalighapoo palace,40Sotun Atishgah (dinner/Shabneshin)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
Sixth day : Naghsh-e jahan square Complex which was built in 16th century and has four monuments at its dimensions (Sheykhlotfola mosque which is a masterpiece of Iranian and Islamic architectures ,Shah mosque that was built during the Safavid period and it is one of the everlasting masterpieces of architecture in Iran (lunch), Aalighapoo palace which was built by decree of Shah Abbas in the early seventeenth century; the great monarch used to entertain noble visitors and foreign ambassadors, 40Sotun ,Gheysariyeh (buying souvenir)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
Seventh day: Drive to Shiraz (after breakfast) at 7:30 am Arrive to Shiraz at 1 pm (lunch) Nasir mosque from Qajar era which includes extensive colored glass in its façade; it is also named the Pink Mosque, due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design, Narenjestan (a traditional and historical house in Shiraz, dated back to Qajar era) Haffeziye (Tomb of Hafez a great Persian poet), Sa’adi tomb, (dinner)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
Eighth day : Drive to MarvDasht (After breakfast) at 7:30 a m Takht-e Jamshid (Persepolise) in the heart of the fabled Persian Empire. Once one of the greatest architectural wonders of the ancient world , Naqsh-e Rustam Necropolis of the Achaemenes, it was founded by Darius the Great, who made it his capital in 518 BC (Lunch), drive to shiraz Eram garden, Shah cheragh shrine the Holy Shrine of Ali Ebne Hamzeh (you will visit this shrine from inside) (dinner)

Brekfast, Lunch and Dinner are up to us.
Ninth day : Arg of Karim Khan, Vakil complex (Hamm am, bazaar, mosque) this mosque was built between 1751 and 1773, during the Zand period. Vakil means regent, which was the title used by Karim Khan, the founder of Zand Dynasty (Lunch) Mooshir bazaar

Brekfast and Lunch are up to us.
Tenth day : Check out (Early morning hotel check out and group transfer to airport for flight back home)

Terms and Conditions

Announced programs are removable due to weather conditions and other environmental or technical factors.
Please read carefully the travel plan, tour services and supplemental information carefully and For any ambiguity, get information from the Parvaz Noghrei Office.
For your convenience and traveling companions, travel with a bag or travel bag to a maximum of 20 kilograms.
By approaching the date of the move, there is a possibility to increase the ticket price by the airline Therefore, we suggest that you take tickets as soon as possible in case of definite travel. Tickets can be bought by Silver Flight Partners, or you are personally buy tickets.
The hotels of this tour are booked in the above table However, in the event of any unwanted change in hotels, a hotel of another grade or higher will be booked in advance of the previous hotel.
The third bed in the hotels is travel bed or folding sofa, which is temporarily laid out in the two-bed room.
The Parvaz Noghrei just support announced patrols Visiting the rest of the attractions of travel is with travelers.
If you do not attend the trip The Consignment fines will be received in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the written agreement between the passengers and the Parvaz Noghrei. Click here to study the contract.
The cost of additional charges on international flights and domestic flights is charged to the passenger Please check the amount of your load allowed when registering.
This tour is applicableon the desired dates of travelers, individually or in groups.
For the convenience of travelers, the equivalent of the Rial equivalent of the above table (at the rate of the day) will be received from the passengers.
Having yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for all travelers. For this purpose, visit the Vaccine Centers or Pasteur Institute at least 10 days before traveling.
Please read the "Parvaz noghrei's Code of Ethics" before signing up.

Tour Service: IRAN Highlight Tour

Airport Transfers (welcome and lunch)
Procured patrols + Payments for incomes
Travel Insurance
Tourist Visa
Supervised Teams
Farsi Guide to Traveling Tours
9 Meal Breakfast 8 Meal Lunch 8 Meal Dinner

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IRAN Highlight Tour, 2.5 Day Tehran, 2 Day Kashan, 3.5 Day Isfahan, 2.5 Day Shiraz, 9 nights of accommodation in standard grade hotels, Group Trip 10 Days From 4/7/2019 To 4/16/2019, ( 10 Day and 9 Night ) Road Trip

Recommended Accessories

Medicines and Personal Belongings

Recommended Accessories

Sunscreen Cream
Natural Swaddling Shoe
Thermos of Water
One Extra Dress

Required Documents:

Passports with 6 months validity

Places to visits

Visiting Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and Shiraz